John at YourSpeech delivered a Goal Setting webinar to our members recently as part of their CPD training. It was engaging, fun and very informative and most of all was of great benefit to all who took part.

CPA Ireland Skillnet 2023

I was asked to give a speech as bestman at my brother’s wedding and not knowing where to start I was filled with nerves and anxiety. John from YourSpeech put me at ease right away by helping me to write the speech and coached me on how to deliver the speech with confidence on the big day. I would highly recommend YourSpeech for your Wedding Speech.

William, Derry, 2022

John delivered a very interesting Speak to Succeed webinar on presentation skills which was full of valuable information for our students who enjoyed every minute of it. We look forward to booking YourSpeech again for our next webinar.

MTU Kerry Students Union 2022
I retired recently from work and was asked to give a retirement speech. I was somewhat nervous about getting up in front of a crowd and knowing what to say but John at YourSpeech put me at ease building my confidence while also writing a great speech for me. I was fully prepared and really enjoyed the experience. I would recommend YourSpeech to anyone giving a speech or presentation.
Anne, Dublin. 2021

I booked “The 5 Minute Wedding Speech” for my Wedding in August.John at YourSpeech looked after everything. Wrote the perfect speech and gave online coaching to me on how to deliver the speech. I would highly recommend YourSpeech to anyone anxious about their Wedding Speech.

Mattie, Fermanagh, 2020

John helped me to build confidence to deliver a great presentation at work. I highly recommend his online course called Speak to Succeed.

Marian, Dublin. 2020

I was going for a promotion at work and I booked YourSpeech to help me with the interview process. I was amazed at how much help and support I received from John. He really gave me the confidence to succeed and I did! Thanks John

Andrea, London, 2019

John from YourSpeech came and spoke to our students on Presentation Skills and confidence building. It was very inspirational. Looking forward to hearing more from John and YourSpeech.

Kate, LYIT, 2019

John is an absolute gentleman and great at what he does! Would highly recommend him if you need advice and support around public speaking of any nature as well as planning, developing and delivering presentations and speeches whether they be for professional or personal use.

Teresa, Feb 2018 - SIPTU College, Dublin

Great 2 day workshop hosted by John from YourSpeech. I didn’t know what to expect from the workshop but I came away with very useful tips and techniques on how to improve my presentation and speech skills.

John, Oct 2018 - Mandate Training Centre, Dublin

John helped me to write my speech for my Son’s wedding. I was a little nervous but John showed me how to practice some techniques that gave me a lot of confidence on the day. I was really proud of myself after the speech and got great compliments on it. I can’t thank John at YourSpeech enough for his help.

Derek- Sligo 2018

John was a great help to me while I was writing my Best Man Speech for my brother’s Wedding. He made the speech structure simple and straight forward and helped me to practice some great techniques to deliver a confident speech on the day.

Ronan, Mayo 2018

I was very nervous about giving the Best Man speech at my brother’s Wedding but John from YourSpeech helped me so much.  He helped me write and structure the speech, added some really fun bits into it and showed me how to get over the nerves.  I was dreading doing the Speech but I really enjoyed it on the day; everyone said I did a great job.  I highly recommend hiring YourSpeech for your Wedding Speech.  I’m glad I did.

Jason-Sligo 2017

John helped me to deliver a confident and professional presentation in front of the board of the Management in my organisation.  It was a very important presentation and John showed me some amazing techniques to use during it.  I would recommend John’s service, YourSpeech to anyone giving a presentation or Speech of any kind.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on.

Karen-Dublin 2017

John helped my father with his speech for my father’s wedding. John was so professional and gave my father so much confidence. I would highly recommend John for any occasion. Cannot thank him enough for everything.

Aisling- Westport

This recommendation is made most genuinely and wholeheartedly. I attended college with John in IT Sligo. I can honestly say he is one of the most people orientated and genuine persons I have ever known. John always had a very positive attitude and persevered through the toughest of times. He always had time for people and was always willing to help in any way he possibly could. John is an excellent speaker and also a very good listener which is indeed rare. Watching John perform presentations was always a joy and we all learnt a lot from him. I cannot recommend John enough. I truly believe he can help anyone with any kind of speaking. Somehow this man manages to instill confidence within you. After our time in IT Sligo I personally see John as a great friend and an inspiration.

Sandra- Sligo

I know John since 2011. One thing I can say about John above all else is his devotion. Once John is presented with a challenge, he will do his utmost to succeed, seeking and availing of all resources on hand. I have every confidence in his new venture and can wholeheartedly recommend no one else but John to assist those in accomplishing their challenges.

Emmett- Longford

John and I studied together in ITSligo for over four years. I would like to say that John was a great help to me when I needed to prepare for public presentations. He helped me overcome my nervousness and to become more assertive. He is a great speaker and I have learned so much from his coaching and so have other fellow students, he was always there for us, whenever we needed help.

Caroline- Donegal