Speak to Succeed

The best way to overcome your fear of Public Speaking is to enrol in the YourSpeech, “Speak to Succeed” programme. This online or face to face training will help you to build confidence, overcome your speaking fears and speak with confidence in front of any size audience. This course is designed not just for the beginner speaker & presenter but also for people who have been speaking for quite a while and are looking for a new way to present their message. The training can be carried out on an individual or group basis, for example a workshop. Some of the topics covered in this training include,

1.    Speech & Presentation Preparation

2.    Verbal, Non-verbal and Listening Skills

3.    Engaging the Audience

4.    Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking

5.    Achieving the ability to speak with confidence in any situation, for example, College, Company presentation, Seminar, Interview and much more.